Technical Support

The overall objective of the EU-financed Grant Support Team, formerly known as the Programme Management Unit (PMU), is to provide technical assistance to the design, assessment, implementation and monitoring of grant scheme projects in line with EU rules within the scope of the Aid Programme.
The Grant Support Team is responsible for actions such as support to the development of grant scheme guidelines, assessment of grant applications, capacity building activities for project applicants and beneficiaries, assistance to grant beneficiaries during project implementation and the monitoring of grant projects in the civil society, community development, human resource, private sector development and rural development sectors.

Other activities include updating and maintenance of websites, establishment and maintenance of the Monitoring Information System and supporting programme visibility activities.

Civic Space is a technical assistance project, starting in September 2015 and due to finish in September 2020, funded by the European Union (EU) to strengthen the role of civil society in the Turkish Cypriot community as well as to promote EU values and the development of a conducive environment for the further development of trust, dialogue, cooperation and closer relationship between the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities and for the integration of Turkish Cypriot civil society into the wider Union by facilitating links with EU-wide NGOs and NGO networks.

Project objectives are:
  • to increase and improve the capacity and actions of Turkish Cypriot CSOs;
  • to increase collaboration and improve joint actions between Greek and Turkish Cypriot NGO;
  • to strengthen CSOs role and civic engagement in the Turkish Cypriot community;
  • to foster cooperation, support and exchange of best practices between TC CSOs and CSOs of the EU as well as with EU-wide NGOs and NGOs networks.