European Union Aid Programme
for Turkish Cypriot community

Kaleidoskop Tourism - Closing Event

Arsal Gıda Sanayi - Closing Event

Erel & Co. Project Closing Event

Closing Event - “Indoor Activity place for Children”

Closing Event - “Traditional village cuisine available at your local supermarket”

Closing event - “Modernising Olive Oil and Carob Production Process”

Closing Event - “Upgrading, Equipping and Increasing the Capacity of Vetline Animal Hospital”

Closing Event - “Start-up of an e-trade business marketing locally produced products and services”

Green Growth Energy Services Ltd. - Closing Event

Closing Event - Aerian Solutions Ltd.

Closing ceremony - Akdeniz Gıda & Tarım Ürünleri Şti. Ltd.

Closing ceremony - “A more energy efficient Cypri Cola”

Closing Event- Çeliksan Co. Ltd.

Closing Event - JetGaz Ltd.

Sunsel Enterprises Ltd. - Closing Event

Closing Event- Gözyolu Ltd.

Atensa Kağıt San. Ltd. - Kapanış Etkinliği

Closing event - Cankan Trading Ltd.

Closing Event - Sedo Ice Cream

Closing ceremony - Increased Efficiency and Developed ICT for Sun Rent a Car

Europe Day 2016, 2017 & 2018

Closing event of "Modernising & Diversifying Services of Denge Ltd." grant project

"Strengthening competitiveness of Kredo Accounting through modernisation of services and improvement of operational efficiency by introduction of Information Technology” closing event

Modernisation of Production Process of Başpinar Dairy Products

Visit of European Commissioner for Regional Policy