European Union Aid Programme
for Turkish Cypriot community

Chamber of Civil Engineers - Awareness Raising for Civil Engineers on Green Economy Project Closing Event

Chamber of Architects - Establishing a Continuing Professional Development Programme and Qualification System for Architects Project Closing Event

TCCSA - Training for Results Project Closing Event

TCCI & TCCC- Improving Vocational and Labour Market Opening Event

MASDER, MAKAMER & AKTI - Go Social Project Opening Event

CTECA - Electrical Field Project Opening Event

Anafartalar Highschool - Healthy Living and Environment Revival Project Closing Event

Closing Event - Fazıl Plümer Pre-Primary School

Closing Event - Gaziköy Pre-Primary School

Güzelyurt Vocational Highschool-Closing Ceremony

BEAL - S.M.A.R.T.I.E LABS - Science Fair & Closing Ceremony

Opening of Science Laboratory - 19 Mayıs TMK

Closing Event, Lab Opening & Visit of EC SRSS Director to TMK

“Healthy Living and Environmental Revival” Project Launch Event

“Stronger Schools, Empowered Children” Project Launch Event

Project Launch Event - “Lifting the Operators Up”

Launch Event - "Awareness Raising for Civil Engineers on Green Economy”

Launch event - “Capacity Building for Project Management and Eurocodes”

Project Launch Event - Gaziköy Pre-Primary School

Opening ceremony of the Science Lab - 19 Mayıs TMK

European Commission Head of Unit Visit to HR grant projects

Project opening ceremony - Chamber of Turkish Cypriot Architects

Opening Ceremony of Kyrenia Youth Development Centre (GİGEM)

Europe Day 2016, 2017 & 2018