European Union Aid Programme
for Turkish Cypriot community

QCA - Diversity of Colours Project Opening Event

PPI - Promoting Dialogue for Change Project Opening Event

MASDER - Marine Litter Project Opening Event

LTA - Enhancing Bi-Communal Dialogue through Art Project Opening Event

Turkish Cypriot Journalists Union - Possible Opening Event

EMAA - Art for All Project Opening Event

Patients' Voice-Closing Ceremony

Patients' Voice - Launch Event

Famagustians Advocate for Clean Wetlands - Launch Event

Cans for Hopes - Closing Event

Survey Results Announcement - KAYAD

Project Launch Event - "Unspoken"

Opening ceremony - “Raise your voice, advocate for your rights!”

Press Conference - "Leading by Example"

Conference on Patients’ Rights in Cyprus and Europe

"Nicosia Recycling Fair" - Cyprus Green Action Group

Closing event - “Marine Litter: Together for Clean Coasts!”

Panel and Reception - Resist Against Violence!

Art exhibition of bi-communal children and youth activities - EMAA

Exhibition - "Cans of Hopes"

"Confrontation Through Art" - Art Exhibition

“Cypriot Intangible Cultural Heritage" - Documentary Launch Event & Folkdance Performance

Training on "Asylum in European and International Law" - Refugee Rights Association

"Raise your voice, advocate for your rights!” project closing event

Cans of Hopes - "Can Baler" equipment launch

Can House opening event - Cyprus Green Action Group

Famagustians Advocate for Clean Wetlands - Closing Event

Closing event of small grant beneficiary Namık Kemal Highschool

Conference on LGBTI Equality and Countering Discrimination in Cyprus

Closing event - Prevention of Child Abandonment and Family Strengthening Programme in the northern part of Cyprus

KAYAD closing event and press conference

Closing event - "Confrontation Through Art: Contemporary Art as an Instrument for Reconciliation in Cyprus” grant project implemented by EMAA

Bi-communal short-film screening within the scope of "Leading by Example" Grant Project

Closing event for the Bi-communal Cross Community Exchange Internship Programme

Painting contest award ceremony - "Honey, Save, Love: Bee-Savvy"

Closing event of the Grant Project “Promoting Wellness and Peace in Cyprus”

Europe Day 2016, 2017 & 2018

Painting and poster contest award ceremony - Famagustians Advocate for Clean Wetlands